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If you're going through a divorce, or you're even considering it, the thought of splitting up wealth and assets can be overwhelming. At Argent Bridge Advisors, we're not only dedicated to helping high-net-worth individuals manage their wealth and future goals, we also assist those navigating the complicated divorce process. With five Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professionals on our team, we're well-versed in the nuances of divorce and managing the separation of assets and finances.

We advise from a place of abundance and want our clients to feel empowered by their assets, not trapped. Our close ties with the community and other divorce professionals allows us to connect our clients with valuable resources beyond our financial planning knowledge from attorneys to mediators to mental health professionals and coaches, and more. Let our knowledge and connections be tools for your divorce.

We Can Support You With

✓ Marital vs Separate Assets

✓ Balance Sheet of Assets and Liabilities incl. Real Estate, Investments, Retirement Accounts, Annuities, and more

✓ Tax Consequences from Asset Division

✓ Restricted Stock Options

✓ Cash in Lieu of Support

✓ Witness/Trial Testimony

✓ On-Call During Mediation Negotiations or Court Settlements

✓ Post-Divorce Financial Planning

✓ Income and Expenses (Budget Analysis, Support and Duration, Etc.)

✓ Pension Valuations

✓ Cash Settlements for Misuse of Marital Funds

✓ Restricted Stock Options



HI, I’m Jamie S. Blum

Jamie S. Blum, CPA, CDFA® facilitates our clients in transition by providing clarity, confidence, and support through review of clients’ goals and objective, financial planning and valuable education of their specific financial situations. As a trained mediator and a Collaborative divorce professional, Jamie also acts as a financial neutral for parties seeking an amicable divorce. Jamie’s enthusiasm for helping people comes from over 30 years of experience as an accounting and financial professional and small-business owner. As a CPA, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional and a divorced mom, she is committed to educating and empowering her clients to make informed decisions about their current and future financial situations.

HI, I’m Elina Cannon

As a Divorce & Investment Strategist at Argent Bridge Advisors, Elina Cannon, CFA®, CDFA®, optimizes results for her clients through robust financial analysis and diligent planning. Elina’s eye for detail and full attention on each client’s unique circumstances, goals, and needs drives client success. Elina leverages her two decades of experience in investments and financial strategy to deliver actionable insights. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional and a divorced mom, she understands the challenges of the divorce process and is passionate about empowering her clients to make good informed decisions.


HI, I’m Alyce Phinney

Alyce Phinney, CDFA®, strives to maximize results and amplify client wealth through strong connections and personalized outreach. Alyce’s interest in her clients’ lives and future ambitions, offers them the opportunity to communicate their wealth goals to achieve profound results. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional, Alyce helps individuals going through a divorce understand the impact of today’s decisions on future planning. Her passion and dedication to each client as an individual help her to provide an exceptional personalized client experience.

HI, I’m Dianne Nolin

As a Managing Partner and Private Wealth Advisor at Argent Bridge Advisors, Dianne Nolin, CFP®, CDFA®, creates transformation in her clients' lives through financial planning, empowerment, and education.

Fueled by her passion for helping people and armed with over 30 years of financial planning experience, Dianne specializes in creating long-lasting, multidimensional success in her clients' lives by removing confusion and complexity from the financial planning and investment management process. Through education and guidance, Dianne provides individuals with clarity and tools to navigate life's transitions.

HI, I’m Cecile Hult

As a Partner and Private Wealth Advisor at Argent Bridge Advisors, Cecile Hult, CFP®, CDFA®, has helped hundreds of individuals and families create roadmaps leading to personal and financial success.

Her career is focused on financial planning and client education with a highlight and specialized training helping women in transition - specifically while going through a divorce. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional, she seeks to coach and empower women with information. Cecile is most fulfilled when helping people through life transitions and supporting them in their growth to new levels of financial independence and empowerment.

HI, I’m Eric Ashburn

Eric Ashburn, CFP®, CEPA®, CDFA®, CeFT®, helps his clients fully harness their resources to achieve their goals. Eric has built a reputation for prioritizing his clients’ values. He holds specialized credentials in helping individuals and families going through a life transition. This includes planning for the complexities around a future business sale, managing an inheritance, pre or post-divorce financial analysis, and retirement. His objective is to create a lifelong relationship with his clients and serve as a trusted partner on their financial journey, working together to evolve the financial plan as their life changes.





Dianne Nolin  |  Featured in Washingtonian

There's a growing phenomenon in the Virginia and DC area of cross-income marriages - marriages where the pay gap between spouses is noticeable.

We were so proud to see our very own Dianne Nolin, CFP®, CERTIFIED DIVORCE FINANCIAL ANALYST™, Managing Partner & Private Wealth Advisor, featured in the Washingtonian cover story sharing some insights on the ramifications high-earning women could face during a divorce. Read the article and Dianne's insights now!

Cecile Hult  |  Featured Newsweek Expert

While no one who gets married is anticipating a divorce, statistics don't lie - 1 in 2 marriages end with divorce. Divorce is unfortunately a feasible outcome of marriage and those numbers only rose in the last two years with the Pandemic. We understand that making financial plans for a divorce when you're not planning on divorcing your spouse can feel taboo, but as leaders in high net worth divorce we have seen what can happen if you don't have a plan in place while you're still happily married.

We were thrilled that our own Cecile Hult, CFP®, CDFA®, Partner & Private Wealth Advisor was featured as an expert for Newsweek sharing her knowledge on future-planning and divorce. Cecile's article "Taboo Financial Planning: How To Insure Against a Divorce" smartly explores how those who are married should be future-proofing their financial plan by preparing for the worst case scenario. Read Cecile's article now!

On-Demand Divorce Resources

Are You Beginning or Ending Your Divorce Process?

As part of our community outreach efforts, Argent Bridge Advisors has produced on-demand videos supporting couples through several initiatives:


Empowered Divorce Decisions shares information and resources to help you feel empowered to make critical decisions in your divorce, and move forward to your next chapter with confidence. (Subscribe to our “ABA YouTube Channel” and view our complete video series.)


From Discovery to Divorce is a nationwide not-for-profit program supporting individuals who are separated or in the early stages of divorce. (Subscribe to our “ABA YouTube Channel” and view our complete video series.)


Done with Divorce® supports anyone nearing or at the end of the property settlement and/or divorce settlement. This program is designed to share actionable next steps to transfer property, create independent financial and estate plans and generally help with moving forward. (Subscribe to our “ABA YouTube Channel” and view our complete video series.)



Join us for one of these special webinars where Certified Divorce Financial Analysts® professionals, Jamie Blum and Elina Cannon explore in-depth marital asset division and sample budget reports to prepare for property settlement.

These Special Webinars Will Cover

  1. What property division looks like
  2. How to avoid allocation traps
  3. Considerations for spousal and child support division
  4. How to avoid negative tax consequences from asset division

2024 Workshop Dates

June 12 at 12:00 pm Register Now