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What we do?

We provide comprehensive financial solutions to wealthy families. We cultivate relationships based on mutual respect, and our advisors and clients enjoy working with each other. Our clients are engaging and interesting people with personal aspirations and specific needs.

We engage our clients in a variety of wealth management services, including:

  • Financial Organization and Accountability
  • Capital Preservation Solutions
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Readiness
  • Education, Charitable and Family Gifting Strategies
  • Legacy Transfer Strategies
  • Life insurance/Long Term Care
  • Concentrated Stock and Stock Option Analysis
  • Coordination of Planning with Attorney and Accountant

How we do it?


We inform and reform the biases that affect financial decisions. Every client meeting includes an element of education surrounding:

  • Investment Basics
  • Investor Behavior
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Lifetime Earnings
  • Stock Market Perspective
  • Portfolio Income


Our clients’ confidence in our process leads to empowerment in financial decisions. This process includes:

  • Goal-Based Planning
  • Ongoing, proactive Investment Monitoring
  • On-demand delivery of information
  • Real-time portfolio updates
  • Multi-generational investing programs.

Our Approach to Investing

What is the Significance of Having a Full Time Analyst?

Unique to Argent Bridge is our partner, Joe Gallemore, CIMA®, dedicated full-time to investment management and portfolio analysis. Building disciplined investment strategies in to each client portfolio, closely monitoring exceptional client issues such as concentrated stock positions and portfolio leverage and building unbiased recommendations to support our planning is an extraordinary role within the industry.  Learn more about our approach below.

Asset Allocation
The most primary tenet of investing for our clients is diversification. Investing across multiple asset classes to not only avoid the risks of being too concentrated, but also to gain exposure to segments which perform well, is a fundamental principle at Argent Bridge Advisors. Every client’s portfolio is diversified among several general sections of the investment universe. These include, among others, US stocks, international stocks, emerging market stocks, real estate, commodities, and multiple types of bonds.

Foundational Strategies
Certain investment strategies are chosen because they have demonstrated an ability to retain value better during times of sustained negative market performance. For this reason, these strategies are core tenets of most client portfolios, around which the rest of the portfolio is built. They receive larger weightings than other investments because of their demonstrated focus on guarding against “downside” risk. Foundational strategies past performance is not a guarantee.

Higher Risk/Reward Strategies
On top of the Foundational Strategies, we choose investments whose goals are to multiply clients’ wealth in positive markets. We accept that these investment funds may assume near 100% risk of their benchmarks, so we apply them in a measured fashion. Greater than average degree of risk is only tolerated with commensurate performance.

The evolution of investment products over time has led to competitive advantages emerging for both actively managed strategies and those passive strategies meant to replicate an index. Actively managed strategies can help focus on limiting negative performance while seeking potential advantages in volatile markets. Passively managed strategies offer lower cost and can capture performance in strong markets. At Argent Bridge Advisors we believe that the merits of each are significant and that the best investment portfolio should include both.

Independent & Fee-Based
We are an Independent wealth management company. Being independent means that we are free to choose from almost any investment company, product type, market sector, cost structure, and tactical outlook. We do this with a mind for transparency, liquidity, and simplicity.

Independence also allows us to operate primarily on a fee basis. Besides the obvious avoidance of commission-focused sales practices, being fee-based simplifies the cost of services for the client and allows us to move forward with the goal of scaling down the cost as assets may grow. Additionally, fee-based investing encourages us to include cheaper investment vehicles like ETFs and institutional-share mutual funds.

Our pragmatic approach to investing is to start with asset allocation, focus on risk control, pick from the best investment vehicles out there, and select investments which have a superior balance of performance, risk, and cost. Follow this up with constant monitoring and periodic re-evaluation at the allocation level, investment strategy level, and right down to the client portfolio level. Investment management is just one element of financial planning and we believe our diligent, patient investment approach forges the way for client success.


Each individual's situation is unique. Individual factors such as investment objectives, goals, time horizons, risk tolerance etc are evaluated before investing.

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