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Stagnant Stock Market | Investment Advice Near Me

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If you are someone who follows the stock market you may have noticed that the market has gone nowhere for over a year and a half.

You may be asking yourself, should I be concerned?

In short, the answer is no.

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Three Year Stock Market Analysis

The S&P 500 alone is up over 40% when looking at the past three year spread and it is up more than 16% just for 2019 alone.

Despite rumblings of an impending recession, trade standoffs and yield curve inversions, it is clear to see that for the past three years the stock market has remained in favor of the investor.

69 Year Stock Market Analysis

If you look at the data on the fluctuations of the stock market over the past 69 years you can see that there were certainly many instances when a year was ended in the negative.

However, it is also clear that despite these negative drops, the stock market remains resilient and has been able to bounce back 60% of the time having that year ending in the positive.

The point? The time to panic is definitely not now.

Historical Standards for Stock Market Investments

Looking back at the worst times in our stock market’s history we can see that it took an average of 81 months for the market to bounce back.

This is nothing compared to the current nine-month average for a bounce back during dips over the past 10 years.

Investment Advice Near Me

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