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Is a Financial Advisor Worth It?

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As a business savvy professional you may find yourself wondering if a financial advisor can offer you more than you can do for yourself. For information on a financial advisor near you click here.

Is a Financial Advisor Worth It?

Simply put, there is much data supporting the fact that those working with an advisor benefit greater than those who chose to go without.

Let’s take a closer look at the data, below.

Long-Term Benefits of a Financial Advisor

  1. Average balances are higher for SDBA participants by approximately $214,000 between those who work with a financial advisor and those who did not.
  2. Non advised stock market participants tend to allocate more holding to growth stocks vs. specific companies which may not always yield the highest return.
  3. Advised individuals average almost 10% trades by quarter two while unadvised individuals average less than 6%.
  4. Working with a financial advisor can yield larger balances than those who did not use an advisor.
  5. Perhaps most important in deciding whether to hire a financial advisor for advice on your goals and progress towards them.

Argent Bridge Advisors in Northern Virginia

If you are curious about the benefits of hiring a financial advisor look no further than Argent Bridge.

Argent Bridge Advisors has a staff of professionals in the financial investment world who are focused and dedicated to provide financial investing services for you.

Our team is highly skilled in providing financial advice and is trained to walk you through these decisions step by step to strive for your complete satisfaction and understanding when investing your money.

At Argent Bridge Advisors we would love to connect with you and work together to build a bridge to your successful financial future. To set up a meeting fill out our “Contact Us” form today or call us toll free at (833)568-4900.