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Don't Fear the Next Recession | Investment Fiduciary Northern Virginia

Investing Financial Advisor

The Great Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 is still a nightmare of a memory for investors all over the country and still has many nervous to use an investment fiduciary for risk of losing it all.

At Argent Bridge we understand that you work hard for your money.

Every day we have investors seeking counsel on the markets and more often than not the subject of an impending recession often comes to the surface.

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Be Afraid to Invest Today

  1. The Stock Market is Not Predictable- There has been a rumor throughout the years that the stock market has predicted past recessions. This is simply not true.
  2. Defensive Investing is Not Productive- When you trust an investment fiduciary to use your money properly, the healthiest way to do so is with the full trust that your money is in the hands of a professional. When you invest your money with the assumption that everything will be lost during a recession you are positioning yourself to pull out as soon as there is any negative fluctuation. This can hurt your potential income and cause stress for both you and your fiduciary.
  3. Ignore the Headlines- The current political climate, coupled with complications with China and the European Union have put unnecessary fears in the minds of investors.

However, if you look at the numbers you can see that the economy is currently thriving despite sensationalized headlines in the news.

You must always remember that negative headlines are the ones that often stick out and positive headlines are quickly forgotten.

Hiring an Investment Fiduciary in Northern Virginia

Argent Bridge Advisors are a group of investment fiduciaries who are available to answer all of your investment questions.

To speak with an advisor today and to learn more about Argent Bridge Advisors visit our website or call us at (833)568-4900.