Coffee & Conversation – Smart Investing: A State-of-the-Market Deep Dive

During “Smart Investing: A State-of-the-Market Deep Dive”, we took an expansive look at the current capital market with Joe Gallemore, Partner and Investment Management & Research Analyst for Argent   see more →

How to Say What You Need & Not Say What You Shouldn’t to Your Ex [Advisors on Divorce]

In one of our Done with Divorce webinars, Certified Divorce Coach®, attorney, and mediator Cherie Morrison, joined us to share “How to Communicate with Your Ex: How to Say What You Need and Not Say What You Shouldn’t”. In her presentation,

  see more →

Long-Term Care: Consider Now, Benefit Later [Watch Now]

In our latest Coffee & Conversation, we tackled long-term care insurance – the best long-term care solution for your age and health, hybrid long-term care, traditional long-term care, qualified funds, and more. Watch “Long- Term Care: Consider Now,

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Estate Planning: Beyond the Basics [Watch Now]

While estate planning may be a daunting undertaking, we all know that it’s an integral part of managing and protecting your wealth for you and your family’s future. During this in-depth webinar, we were joined by Jennifer Schiffer, Shareholder of Bean,   see more →

Handling Hospital Care [Watch Now]

Preventable medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States behind heart disease and cancer. We were joined by Dana Hutson, Community Educator for CampaignZERO & Board Certified Private Patient Advocate who shared her   see more →

It’s Raining Lawsuits…Do I Need a Personal Umbrella Policy? [Watch Now]

Is it worth having an umbrella policy? If you have significant assets, it could be worth the research. Your liability insurance within your auto and homeowners insurance policies might not be   see more →

Appraising Your Gems, Antiques & Art [Watch Now]

During the pandemic, many of us found ourselves sorting through our things wondering what something is worth or whether we should keep it? Martin Fuller, a Master Gemologist and a certified appraiser with more than 35 years of experience, discussed   see more →