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Why to Consult a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst McLean

Divorce Financial Planning

When getting married it may seem strange to think about divorce, however it is always best to seek the services of a certified divorce financial analyst to understand how marriage and divorce can affect your finances.

certified divorce financial analyst

Understanding Pre-nups and Post-nups

Prenups are the most common agreement between a couple preparing for marriage to identify the dividing of assets should the marriage result in a divorce.

However, many couples do not realize that you are also able to come to a similar contractual agreement after you are already married.

A post-nuptial agreement is a contract agreed upon but each party addressing the same dividing of assets that a prenup would.

Division of property, alimony, retirement accounts, inheritance, and allocating of the marital home are among the most common assets divided in a post-nuptial agreement.

Understanding Your Finances in a Divorce

When understanding and evaluating the terms of a post-nuptial agreement, many couples seek the services of a certified divorce financial analyst.

The right financial analyst will be able to help you avoid any missteps by evaluating your assets accurately and fairly.

Analysts are trained to understand the nuances of income fluctuation, social security benefits, and retirement plans when it comes to creating the best terms per each individual couple.

When to Get Advice

There are many different situations when a divorce lawyer or Certified Divorce Financial Analyst might recommend a post-nuptial agreement.

If roles have changed in the household or there has been an unexpected career change a post nuptial agreement is recommended.

Additionally, if one or both partners have committed financial or marital infidelity a post nuptial agreement is an ideal way to protect yourself against future issues due to divorce or separation.

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst in McLean

Argent Bridge Advisors has the professionals available to help guide you through your post nuptial or pre-nuptial agreements.

To learn more about Argent Bridge, visit the website today or call (833)568-4900.