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Top Financial Professional in Northern Virginia | 6 Life Events When You Need Financial Advice

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If you think of financial advisors as undercover salesmen, there’s a good reason to reconsider your opinion. Recently, Dianne Nolin was named 2019 Top Financial Professional by Northern Virginia Magazine. Please see award disclosure below.* While some financial planners use their position to advance their own personal gain, the right type of financial advisor can make all the difference to your financial health. Let’s take a look at when the top financial professional in Northern Virginia can serve you best.

best financial advisors in Northern Virginia

1. When You Begin a Family

Beginning a family comes with a lot of financial considerations. Often, this is a great time to look at how the couple’s finances have been combined and if that needs to be modified.

Furthermore, life insurance and saving for education should be addressed. Naturally, saving for retirement cannot be neglected, either.

Financial advisors in Northern Virginia can help you realize family goals now and as your children grow.

2. When You’re a Business Owner

The self-employed have financial circumstances that are different from others. Retirement savings differ quite a bit, and a financial advisor can really help wrangle that challenge.

Furthermore, business owners have not only themselves and their families to consider, but also employees. A financial advisor can be instrumental in finding what works best for your particular needs.

In addition, a financial advisor can allow you to structure your money so that it can grow your business and create additional income for yourself.

3. When You Earn a High Salary

Executives and other high earners can benefit from the advice of a financial advisor for several reasons. Oftentimes, compensation packages that seem good now come with greater tax liabilities later.

A good financial advisor will find ways to ease tax liabilities, create a plan for retirement taking to account your benefits, and reduce the stress of protecting your hard-earned wage.

4. When You Are Considering Separation or Divorce

If you find yourself considering divorce or other complicated financial separations, a financial advisor can reduce frustration by laying out all the options. For instance, if you have a child with special needs who will need care after you’ve passed, you need specialized information.

Those who need to manage an inheritance also require specialized advice. Still others who may have massive student loan debt can benefit from advice that will allow them to save the most money in repayment.

5. When You Have a High Net Worth

Those with a lot of money in Northern Virginia need the advice of a financial advisor for many reasons that are unlike average wage earners. For example, simply tracking balances and accounts in different locations can be a job in and of itself.

Managing a significant amount of money is a particular skill-set among financial advisors. Estate planning and tax planning are very different for high-net-worth individuals.

6. When You’re Nearing Retirement

When it comes to retirement, everyone wonders, “Do I have enough?” This is only one of the questions that a financial advisor can answer.

Retirees need to consider when to withdraw from retirement accounts, when to file for Social Security benefits, and when they are ultimately ready to retire.

Beyond that, retirement has changed. Retirees are traveling the world, opening businesses, and working part-time. Financial advisors are equipped to helping retirees achieve the retirement picture they’ve envisioned.

Top Financial Professional in Northern Virginia

 If you find yourself in any of these categories, consider seeking the advice of a financial advisor. Argent Bridge Advisors are happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us for a consultation.

*The Top Financial Professional list is compiled by the Northern Virginia magazine. The magazine sends out nomination forms to Financial Associations in Northern Virginia to nominate professional advisors in the various categories. The “Top Financial Professional” listing is given to those financial advisors that receive the most nominations. Financial professionals do not pay a fee to be included.