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Why Schedule a Virtual Consult With Your Wealth Manager

Wealth Management

A virtual consult with a wealth manager uses various technological tools to conduct a real-time meeting remotely. 

Rather than traveling to your wealth manager’s office and taking time off from work, you are able to access services, such as financial planning, business planning, retirement planning and investment counseling, from the comfort of your own home or office.

All you need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smart phone to conduct business in a virtual space. 

Continue reading to learn all the reasons why you should schedule a virtual consult with your wealth manager.

Why You Should Schedule a Virtual Consult with Your Wealth Manager

There are several reasons why you should schedule a virtual consult with your wealth manager.

To start, virtual meetings save you valuable time. You and your wealth manager can meet anyplace and anytime, which negates the need to drive across town, sit in traffic, and spend several hours away from work and other commitments. 

In addition, you should schedule a virtual consult with your wealth manager because it saves money on gas, transportation, time off from work, and hiring a babysitter while you attend an in-office meeting. 

What’s more, virtual meetings allow you to maintain a working relationship with your wealth advisor regardless of distance. This preserves continuity of care even if you move to a different city, state, or country.

What Does Virtual Consult with a Wealth Manager Involve?

Here’s a look at how the secure, convenient, and efficient process works:

1. Introductory call with your wealth manager to discuss your specific needs and goals. This call will be conducted via Zoom

2. Your wealth manager will email you a fact-finding questionnaire. You can complete the questionnaire at your convenience and then upload it to a secure site, along with pertinent documents and files.

3. Your wealth manager will analyze all of the information that you have provided and develop a customized financial plan, which may include: Investment management, tax planning, retirement planning, social security planning, risk management, estate planning, and cash flow and budgeting.

4. You and your advisor will arrange a virtual meeting to go over the proposed plan. At this time, your wealth manager will answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

5. Once the financial plan has been finalized, you are able to sign all paperwork remotely through DocuSign.  

Schedule a Virtual Consult with Your Wealth Manager

To schedule a virtual consult with one of our highly skilled and experienced wealth managers, please contact our office today.