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Executive Financial Planner | Being Strategic with Stock Options

Retirement Funding Executives

Working with an executive financial planner can help to simplify your financial strategy in order to help meet your fiscal goals.

Types of Executive Compensation

When identifying the ways in which executives are compensated we know this to be true:

1) Base Salary

Executives traditionally yield a higher base salary than the national average.

2) Bonus Plans

Bonuses tend to grow as you reach higher levels in your company.

3) Stock Options

Today, most executives are compensated in one way or another through stock options.

Why Multiple Employer Stock Plans Are Important

Stock plans are a way for your company to compensate you outside of your base salary and bonus plan.

Stock plans can be disseminated in many different ways including an options based approach or through restricted awards or units.

However, while stock options can be a great asset for you, it can also have implications on your retirement planning.

Understanding Your Retirement or Transition Timeline

In order to best understand your stock options and how they affect your retirement planning you must first understand the timeline in which each item affects your stock plan.

It is important to know when each stock plan is going to vest as some take longer than others.

You should also have a complete understanding regarding how you are able to access the stocks in your plan.

Knowing when you can “cash in” or if the stock is part of your retirement plan are just a few of the questions you will want to have the answers to in order to best understand the implications of your stock holdings. You also want to have a balanced investment strategy so that the risk of holding too much in one stock wouldn't impact your retirement.

Additionally, understanding what happens to your stock when you leave a company and how your stocks are taxed can help you best prepare for your future.

Executive Financial Planner at Argent Bridge

The professionals at Argent Bridge understand that stock options play a huge role in your finances.

We are here to work with you in order to help you best understand your financial situation and to assist you in order to make decisions to protect your future.

To learn more about the services offered at Argent Bridge, contact us for a consultation at (833)568-4900.