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Early Out Retirement Options: When to Consider a Buyout

Retirement Funding Insights

When it comes to early-out retirement options, when to consider a buyout is among the first questions that come up. 

With that in mind, there is much to consider when identifying if an early departure is in your best interest. 

Look at the Offer Details

You should take a close look at what exactly is included in your early retirement offer. 

Generally, some sort of severance should be offered.

Additionally, in some cases, your company may offer medical coverage making you eligible for Medicare

You need to also understand what happens to your retirement assets, including pension and stocks. 

Is Anything Negotiable?

Many retirees do not realize that there is an opportunity to sweeten the deal during an early-out retirement plan.

Look into the details for a more generous plan that best suits your needs.

It might also be wise to understand any bargaining leverage you may have considering your past performance, work history, or even any potential for an age discrimination case.

Understand the Financial Implications

Once you have decided upon a deal that you feel is fair, you will need to look into the financial implications an early retirement will have for you and your family.

Work with a professional to identify how this may affect your previous retirement plan.

Consider Your Existing Situation

Lastly, it is always important to consider your current happiness level at your job to see if leaving early will create a more satisfactory or less satisfactory life for you.

In many cases, you may even have considered that you were on the shortlist to have been let go in the future. 

Take a close look at your current working situation and dig deep to understand if this feels like the right time to leave for you. 

Schedule a Consult to See if Now is the Right Time for a Buyout

If you are considering an early-out retirement in Northern Virginia, you should always seek the help of a professional financial advisor. 

Contact our office online or call (833) 568-4900 today to get started.