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Here’s How to Find the Best Financial Advisor in Vienna

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A financial advisor is an essential tool striving to help protect you and your family against financial misfortune.

That is why it is very important to be sure that you are working with someone who is best qualified to help you reach financial security.

For help finding the best financial advisor in Vienna, VA, read more below.

Find the Right Type of Financial Advisor

Not all financial advisors in Vienna, VA, are the same. 

In fact, some financial advisors may offer planning services, but do not offer services toward managing investment opportunities. 

Similarly, some manage investments, without financial planning services. 

In order to find the best type of financial planner in Vienna, VA, you will need to first identify your needs.

Types of Financial Planners

There are three main types of financial planners:

1.Financial Planning: These people focus on every part of your financial wellbeing including savings, insurance, and investments.

2.Investment Advisory ServicesThese planners place a focused emphasis on investment planning.

3.Retirement Income Planning: These planners are dedicated to monitoring all of the oversight of retirement planning such as Social Security, taxes, pensions, and more. 

Look for Quality Advisors

Be on the lookout for advisors who are CFP or a PFS certified, or an investment advisor who is CFA certified.

You should also typically expect your advisor to be dually registered as opposed to charging an hourly fee or commissions.

Do Your Homework

Word-of-mouth and online reviews are a great way to weed through advisors until you can find a reputable and highly rated financial advisor.

However, you should also always consider meeting with a few advisors in order to make sure that your goals and personalities mesh well.

Schedule a Consult With a Top Financial Advisor in Vienna

If you are looking for the best financial advisor in Vienna, VA, look no further than the professional services offered at Argent Bridge Advisors.

Contact our office online or call us at (833) 568-4900 today to schedule a meeting with an experienced member of our team.