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Argent Bridge Advisors


Connecting Uncertainty with Clarity

Our  Vision

Argent Bridge redefines what financial planning means for prosperous families with complex financial needs who promote and appreciate being part of our organization.

A Closer look at Argent Bridge Advisors  

What we do?

Argent Bridge Advisors provide comprehensive financial solutions to wealthy families. We cultivate relationships based on mutual respect, and our advisors and clients enjoy working with each other. Our clients are engaging and interesting people with personal aspirations and specific needs. 

We engage our clients in a variety of wealth management services, including:

  • Financial Organization  and  Accountability
  • Capital Preservation Solutions
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Readiness
  • Education, Charitable and Family Gifting Strategies
  • Legacy Transfer Strategies
  • Life insurance/Long Term Care
  • Concentrated Stock and Stock Option Analysis
  • Coordination of Planning with Attorney and Accountant

How we do it?


We inform and reform the biases that effect financial decisions. Every client meeting includes an element of education surrounding:

  • Investment Basics
  • Investor Behavior
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Lifetime Earnings
  • Stock Market Perspective
  • Portfolio Income


Our clients’ confidence in our process leads to empowerment in financial decisions. This process includes:

  • Goal- Based Planning
  • Ongoing, proactive Investment Monitoring
  • On-demand delivery of information
  • Real-time portfolio updates
  • Multi-generational investing programs.

Our Approach to Investing
Asset Allocation
The most primary tenet of investing for our clients is diversification. Investing across multiple asset classes to not only avoid the risks of being too concentrated, but also to gain exposure to segments which perform well, is a fundamental principle at Argent Bridge Advisors. Every client’s portfolio is diversified among several general sections of the investment universe. These include, among others, US stocks, international stocks, emerging market stocks, real estate, commodities, and multiple types of bonds.

Foundational Strategies
Certain investment strategies are chosen because they have demonstrated an ability to retain value better during times of sustained negative market performance. For this reason, these strategies are core tenets of most client portfolios, around which the rest of the portfolio is built. They receive larger weightings than other investments because of their demonstrated focus on guarding against “downside” risk.

*Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Higher Risk/Reward Strategies
On top of the Foundational Strategies, we choose investments whos’ goals are to multiply clients’ wealth in positive markets. We accept that these investment funds may assume near 100% risk of their benchmarks, so we apply them in a measured fashion. Greater than average degree of risk is only tolerated with commensurate performance.

The evolution of investment products over time has led to competitive advantages emerging for both actively managed strategies and those passive strategies meant to replicate an index. Actively managed strategies can help focus on limiting negative performance while seeking potential advantages in volatile markets. Passively managed strategies offer lower cost and can capture performance in strong markets. At Argent Bridge Advisors we believe that the merits of each are significant and that the best investment portfolio should include both.

Independent & Fee-Based
Argent Bridge Advisors is an Independent wealth management company. Being independent means that we are free to choose from almost any investment company, product type, market sector, cost structure, and tactical outlook. We do this with a mind for transparency, liquidity, and simplicity.

Independence also allows us to operate primarily on a fee basis. Besides the obvious avoidance of commission-focused sales practices, being fee-based simplifies the cost of services for the client and allows us to move forward with the goal of scaling down the cost as assets may grow. Additionally, fee-based investing encourages us to include cheaper investment vehicles like ETFs and institutional-share mutual funds.

Our pragmatic approach to investing is to start with asset allocation, focus on risk control, pick from the best investment vehicles out there, and select investments which have a superior balance of performance, risk, and cost. Follow this up with constant monitoring and periodic re-evaluation at the allocation level, investment strategy level, and right down to the client portfolio level. Investment management is just one element of financial planning and we believe our diligent, patient investment approach forges the way for client success.

Each individual's situation is unique. Individual factors such as investment objectives, goals, time horizons, risk tolerance etc are evaluated before investing. 

We empower our community through education, inspiration and guidance.

  • Focused on clients and their needs

  • Driven by integrity with every interaction

  • Believe in creating lifelong relationships

  • Put family first, our clients and our own

  • Embrace innovation, change and personal growth

  • Operate with uncompromising standards

Past Events:

Dana Hutson, Community Educator for CampaignZERO and Board Certified private patient advocate
Preventable medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States behind heart disease and cancer.

Argent Bridge Advisors & Caliber Home Loans for A BASKETBALL NIGHT IN ARLINGTON
Watch the Virginia Cavaliers take on the Hokies of Virginia Tech in a house divided rivalry game.

New Year, Even Better You - Wellness & Health Seminar @Argent Bridge Advisors

November 9th Secure Paper Shredding Event @Argent Bridge Advisors

Holiday Open House

Holiday Home Party with chef Matt Warsaw of Pure Perfections Catering, Kelley Freeman of Carte Blanche Events and Kelley Devlin from Cakedivas.

Karl Krietsch of JP Morgan presentation on a Guide to the Markets

Jewelry Valuation Event with Martin Fuller of Martin Fuller Appraisals

DC National Conference

Meet our Team 

Dianne Nolin Photo

Dianne Nolin

Managing Partner & Wealth Advisor
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Dianne Nolin, Managing Partner and Private Wealth Advisor

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA

What quality of yours makes you best suited to what you do?

It’s a healthy combination of resilience, transparency, emotional intelligence and empowerment.

How should people think about their wealth?

Think abundantly and think long-term! Pay attention but rely on your trusted advisors and resources.

Favorite Quote or Personal motto:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”  - Einstein

How do you spend your time outside of work? 

With family...it’s all about family.  

What accomplishments are you most proud of? 

Partnering to establish Argent Bridge Advisors; with our team, our clients and our selected business partners.  Argent Bridge Advisors is the fruition of a long-term mission, pursued for years, through creative collaboration and connection with our clients and the community.

Licenses & Affiliations: 


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®

Series 7: "General Securities License"

Member of the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts

Member of the FPA NCA ( Financial Planning Association of the National Capital Area)

Member of Vistage international

Investment advisor representative of Triad Hybrid Solutions and a registered representative of Triad Advisors.

Contact Information:



LinkedIn Profile


Cecile Hult Photo Cecile Hult Hover Photo

Cecile Hult

Private Wealth Advisor/Partner
Read Bio

Cecile Hult, Partner, Private Wealth Advisor

Hometown: Briey, France

What quality of yours makes you best suited to what you do? 

I’m an accountability monster.  If someone shares a goal with me, I make sure that they take all of the necessary steps to reach that goal.  

How should people think about their wealth?

Being wealthy means having enough to do the things that you enjoy with the people that you love.  Wealth is very personal and is all but a number.  

Favorite Quote or Personal motto

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

How do you spend your time outside of work? 

As a mom of two, I enjoy spending a lot of time with my family.  I love playing and watching sports.  I still play in competitive tennis leagues and train for races.  

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Winning the Big Ten Tennis championship with my team at Indiana University.

See Cecile Featured on Business Insider!


Education, Licenses & Affiliations: 


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®

Series 7: "General Securities License"

Series 66: "Uniform Combined State Law Examination”

BA in Economics and Spanish from Indiana University

Life and Health Insurance Licensed

Member of the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts

Member of the FPA NCA ( Financial Planning Association of the National Capital Area)

Contact Information:



LinkedIn Profile


Eric Ashburn Photo

Eric Ashburn

Private Wealth Advisor/Partner
Read Bio

Eric Ashburn, Partner and Private Wealth Advisor

Hometown: Roanoke, VA

What quality of yours makes you best suited to what you do? 

My best trait is my high level of responsibility. I feel responsible to our clients to give them my very best effort and treat their wealth like it were my own. This drives me to complete extensive research, have a high level of accountability, and have empathy for clients that are like an extended family to me.

How should people think about their wealth?

Wealth comes through goal setting, patience, and hard work. The purpose of wealth is to fund a plan or future. A plan involves writing these goals down and understanding why you are working as hard as you are to save. Is it to retire sooner, travel more, pay for a child’s education, or something else? Regardless of the reason, this “why” is what we are passionate to help our clients accomplish.

Favorite Quote or Personal motto

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." - Pele

How do you spend your time outside of work? 

I enjoy listening to podcasts, with my current favorites including: Planet Money, Stuff You Should Know, and the Bill Simmons Podcast. I play sports in an intermural league and enjoy many outdoor activities. I am a self-proclaimed movie enthusiast, and currently am making my way through the IMdB top 250 movies with a goal to complete the list.

What accomplishments are you most proud of? [This could be professional or personal]

I was a first generation College graduate. This required me to figure out a lot on my own and gave me the determination that I needed to be prepared for life after school. It has also helped me realize the value of education and to constantly learn. Whether it be in financial planning, or any other subject area one of my main life goals is to learn something new every day.

Education, Licenses & Affiliations: 

Virginia Tech BA in Finance – Emphasis in Financial Planning


Series 7: "General Securities License"

Series 63: "State Securities License"

Series 66: "Uniform Combined State Law Examination”

Life & Health Insurance Licensed

Member of the FPA NCA ( Financial Planning Association of the National Capital Area)

Member of National Capital Region Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association

HR Block Income Tax Course Participant


Contact Information:



LinkedIn Profile


Joe Gallemore Photo

Joe Gallemore

Investment Management & Research / Partner
Read Bio

Joe Gallemore, Partner and Investment Management and Research Analyst

Hometown:  Fairfax, VA

What quality of yours makes you best suited to what you do?

Numbers geek, left-brained, but with a dose of self-awareness... so we don’t miss the forest for the trees.

How should people think about their wealth?

Beyond just numbers, wealth is not an absolute thing.  Think about what matters most to you and yours and then ask, “Am I achieving that?”

Favorite Quote or Personal motto

“It’s remarkable how much long-term advantage people… have gotten by trying to be consistently not stupid, instead of trying to be very intelligent.”  ~ Charlie Munger

How do you spend your time outside of work? 

Having fun, battling my 3- year- old, and watching as much soccer as possible.

What accomplishments are you most proud of? 

Earning a BS in Mathematical Science.  I went so far down the Calculus rabbit hole I thought I would never escape.

Education, Licenses & Affiliations:

Johns Hopkins University BS Mathematical Science and BA in Economics

Certified Investment Management Analyst ® Professional

Series 7 “General Securities License”

Series 65 “NASAA Investment Advisers Law Exam”

Investment Advisor Representative of Triad Hybrid Solutions and a registered representative of Triad Advisors.

Contact Information:




Alyce Phinney Photo

Alyce Phinney

Director of Business Growth
Read Bio

Alyce Phinney, Director of Business Growth

Hometown: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

What quality of yours makes you best suited to what you do? 

My interest and curiosity in people.

I find people fascinating and the opportunity to connect with so many interesting personalities have and has always fed my energy.  I’m a connector by nature.

How should people think about their wealth?

Open communication is key. Be honest about your goals with yourself and your advisor, then let the money go to work and enjoy living.

Favorite Quote or Personal motto

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.” My tribe is pretty happy.

How do you spend your time outside of work? 

Being with my family, volunteering, gardening and Zumba

What accomplishments are you most proud of? [This could be professional or personal]

Starting a new career later in life. Going back to school part time while having a full-time job and two young children. Knowing my children are watching me and showing them that it’s never too late to take a chance on something has been the best part of this journey.

Education, licenses and affiliations:

Ithaca College BA Psychology

Life & Health Insured

SIE Securities Investment Essentials (which is a FINRA exam)

CFP® Candidate

Member of the FPA NCA ( Financial Planning Association of the National Capital Area)

Contact Information:



Rasha Bitar Photo

Rasha Bitar

Director of Client Services
Read Bio

Rasha Bitar, Director of Client Services

Hometown: Centreville, Virginia

What quality of yours makes you best suited to what you do?

I love helping people – it brings me so much joy to see someone happy and fulfilled. I try to incorporate that into my daily tasks – doing my part to help be transparent to the client and be understanding of their needs.

How should people think about their wealth?

When you have trusted advisors looking out for you – the only worry should be what do I want to do with my wealth and how can I make this world better than how I found it.

Favorite Quote or Personal motto

Don’t worry, be Happy! 

How do you spend your time outside of work? 

With my family – I especially love to fly with my husband (who’s a pilot!) 

What accomplishments are you most proud of? [This could be professional or personal]

Paid off my Student Loan debt and saving for my first Home. 

Education, Licenses and Affiliations:

George Mason University BS Business Management

Contact Information:



Sierra Lawrence Photo

Sierra Lawrence

Client Service and Partner Liaison
Read Bio

Sierra Lawrence, Client Service and Partner Liaison 

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

What quality of yours makes you best suited to do what you do?  

My strong organizational skills paired with patience and attention to detail enable me to focus in my role in serving clients and coordination within the team.

How should people think about their wealth? 

Plan ahead, but don’t overthink it!

Favorite Quote or Personal motto

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. -Wayne Gretzky” -Michael Scott

How do you spend your time outside of work? 

With friends & family, watching movies, traveling, and practicing yoga

What accomplishments are you most proud of? 

Paying off my student loan debt all on my own.

Education, Licenses and Affiliations:

George Mason University BA Sociology


Contact Information:



Second Saturday® and Done with Divorce Workshops in Tysons Corner Northern Virginia

As part of our community outreach Argent Bridge Advisors is hosting and facilitating seminars supporting divorcing couples through two separate initiatives:

Second Saturday® divorce seminar is a nationwide not-for-profit program supporting individuals who are separated or in the early stages of divorce. The seminar will include relevant subject matters in the discipline of family law, mediation, advocacy and finance.  Our speakers include divorce attorneys, divorce therapists, mediators and our Certified Divorce Financial Analysts.

Register for August 12 3-6pm Zoom Second Saturday below:


2020 Workshop Dates:

  • 8/12 
  • 9/9 
  • 10/7 
  • 11/11

Done with Divorce™ seminar supports anyone nearing or at the end of the property settlement and/or divorce settlement.  This program is designed to share actionable next steps to transfer property, create independent financial and estate plans and generally, help moving forward. The seminar will include post-divorce planning with an estate attorney, life coach, CPA and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®.

Register for Done with Divorce on August 5th from 4-6pm below:


2020 Workshop Dates: 

  • 8/5 
  • 9/23 
  • 10/14 
  • 11/18

Please feel free to share with anyone you know who may benefit from attending.

Visit our Facebook Pages:   



Guest speakers are not registered through or affiliated through Triad Advisors.

COVID-19 Communications

Schedule a complimentary Virtual Consultation today with Argent Bridge Advisors.

In this time of social distancing we empathize with all who have serious financial decisions and general questions and concerns about what action to take during this volatile market, yet cannot plan a meeting with a CFP® professional.

We offer you a complimentary 30 minute call or Skype session to answer your planning and investment questions or simply to provide a second opinion and share potential opportunities that arise during market mispricing.

  • Are you selling for tax loss?
  • Are you considering In-Kind  Roth Conversions of distressed IRA assets?
  • Will you refinance your mortgage?

Call 833-568-4900 to schedule your complimentary session with one of our Private Wealth Advisors.

Private Wealth Advisor and Partner at Argent Bridge, Cecile Hult sits down (virtually) with Tim Royster, team lead of the Royster Hearth Group of Samson Properties, to discuss tips for eliminating risks during the ongoing financial and health crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Market Update

By historical standards, the stock market volatility of the past three weeks has been unprecedented.  Not only in its pace but also its daily magnitude.  We experienced the second largest daily decline in the indexes since 1987… twice.  And we saw the largest single day increase since 2008.

We at Argent Bridge view this as a mis-pricing of the capital markets, following the longest bull market ever(!) and  accelerated by the reaction to a fast-moving humanitarian issue.  Volatility of this severity happens in pockets, and to expect it to continue considerably longer we do not think is warranted. 

We fully expect the dust to settle on this manic market and economic factors to eventually drive performance forward.  A recession is a re-setting mechanism for valuations and for business profitability and those have to come down before they can rise again.  It appears that we are in the midst of that process and there may be more to come, likely at a more measured pace. 

The current economy is on a much better foundation than the recession of 2008.    Corporate profits are good, but not excessive; US economic output has been slow and steady rather than being red-hot; and the capital reserves, not only in the financial system, but also of municipalities all over the country, are much more prepared, having learned from the credit crisis 12 years ago. 

The economy is the driver of corporate profits and thereby the stock market.  Receding from a manageable level, rather than crashing down from lofty heights could suggest the economy is situated to recovery more quickly.  And since the stock market is a leading indicator of the economy, staying invested as the economy works through and out of recession is key. 

As always, we stand ready to address your questions, concerns and input.

Joe Gallemore, CIMA®

Partner, Investment Management & Research

Charles Schwab and Asset Protection

In this time of general uncertainty and some level of unease, we thought that highlighting this brochure on: how client assets are protected at Schwab would be reassuring.  The link provides an overview of Schwab’s asset safety and insurance policies.

Charles Schwab and Triad Advisors are not affiliated.

We'd love to connect with you and work together to build a bridge to your successful financial future. 

To help prepare for this meeting, you should have a basic idea of your current financial picture and financial goals. How are things now? Do you have any concerns? What do you hope to accomplish in the next few years and longer term?